Making Dreams Come True

“Adam Hodgson’s technical expertise, specialist knowledge and willingness to experiment make him an ideal collaborator. His perfectionist engagement with state-of-the-art technology will provide your creative team with the tools to genuinely innovate, while his laid-back personality and dry sense of humour will make such a partnership a real pleasure. Adam is a practitioner with rare skills and a unique vision, who will enhance any project fortunate enough to have him on board.”


Steven Dykes, director and playwright

Turning a Vision into Reality

I am a London-based freelance video artist, lighting designer and technician. I specialise in the use of Lighting & Video technologies to create unique visual designs for live performance, installations and recorded media. I am trained in executing every step of the process: concept design, creation and animation of video content, integrating visual elements through technical systems and completing the necessary paperwork and plans. These skills have been developed over an extensive time working with a variety of clients.


Lighting Services


Lighting Designer

Creating lighting designs to inspire and enhance your work.

Lighting Programmer

Operating the lighting rig to create your image.

Lighting Technician

Installing and maintaining lighting rigs and setup of any size. 

Video Services

Video Design

Creating video designs to inspire and enhance your work.

Video Programming

Operating the media server to play back the images you desire.

Video Technician

Installing and maintaining video walls, projectors and media servers.

Pre - Production Services


Creating paperwork for you vision to be translated to paper.

3D Visualisation

Creating 3D visualisation to present to clients of design concept.

Design Concepts

Create a design concept in a collaboration creating outstanding ideas.


Lighting Desk

Grand MA2 Command wing and fader wing with latest software  version available for hire. Get in contact for details.


WYSIWYG Cast software latest software available for hire. Get in contact for details.

Media Server

Resolume Arena 7 latest software available for hire. Please get in contact for details.



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